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Copy of "Mrs. Peppers Playbook" by Ernee Peppers

Well, FEAR not more, you’ve got the right book at the right time. I’ve purposely designed with you in mind, to assist you with conquering your only obstacle at marveling you speaking publicly which is FEAR. So, don’t worry about me moving too fast or speaking over your head. I got ya Boo! I will introduce you to 7 of my most powerful fun-filled & exciting tricks & tips that I use and call my “Hot Pepper Secret Sauce” to become Bold, Confident, memorable, funny, and wow them with a

powerful opening and closing.

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💡 Fun Tips for Public Speaking: Learn how to captivate any audience and keep them hanging on your every word with Ernee's signature strategies for engaging presentations.

💰 Strategies for Earning 10K at Vending Events: Discover the insider techniques to boost your sales and skyrocket your profits at vending events, straight from the master herself.

🎬 Media Exposure Opportunities: Unlock the doors to media attention and skyrocket your visibility with Ernee's expert advice on getting noticed in the crowded marketplace.

📚 Bonus: DISC Personality and Character Assessment: Understand yourself and your audience better with this invaluable tool for communication and connection.

In this masterclass, Ernee will unleash her secrets to help you rake in 10K without even needing a sales booth. Say goodbye to nerves and hello to confidence as Ernee guides you through:

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